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Spiti Valley

Job fills your pocket, adventure fills your soul

If one wants to enjoy magnificent landscapes, small villages, local cuisine with challenging and adventurous ride on narrow mountain roads all together, the only place that appears in the mind is Lahaul and Spiti valley. Motobike ride is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the valley. During past years the region is gaining popularity amongst motorbiker riders. It is a perfect destination for adventurous bike rides. It is a beautiful cold desert located in trans himalayan region, surrounded by high altitude area. Ladakh on the northern side, Kullu valley on one side, Kinnaur in the southern side of the valley, amplifies the beauty of the region. The valley is located at an altitude of about 12,500 feet. The height is enough to cause altitude sickness to travellers. Spiti river flow through the valley and joins river Satluj at Khab Sangam.

The ‘ spiti’ means middle land. It lies in the middle of India and Tibet. The landscape, vegetation, flora, fauna, climate, culture and people of both the places are much similar. Sometimes it is also known as ‘Little Tibet.’The culture of the valley is highly influenced by Buddhism. Every village has it’s own monastery. Some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries are located in this region.

Kaza is the main settlement of the valley. It is not only an administrative center but is also the most important tourist spot, cultural spot, and main commercial center. It is a small town located on the bank of river Spiti. When you travel to Spiti it means you are travelling to Kaza as well.