The city of Bhuj is the gateway to the Kachchh region. Whether you want to visit the white desert, Rann Utsav at Dholdo, Dholavira, Mandvi or Lakhpat, you have to come to Bhuj first. It is well connected to all the parts of the country through roads, rails and airways.

The region has witnessed some of the oldest pages from the history of mankind, Dholavira is an ancient site related to Indus valley civilization. The city of Bhuj was founded by Rao Hamirin in 1510, it served as the capital of the region for a long time. Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal, Kutch Museum, Hamirsar lake and many other historic monuments depict the rich and diversified culture of the Kachchh region. Some major tourist spots of the city are documented here

Parag Mahal It is one of the most spectacular building of the city located in the heart of the old city, surrounded by busy roads and small streets and markets all around. It was constructed by Rao Paragmalji II, the king of Kachchh. It was designed in the Italian gothic style, it was completed in 1879.

It is a gigantic structure made of sandstone. The interior of the building is decorated in European style. Once you pass by the main entrance a pair of stairs lead you to the darbar hall, the ceiling and walls of the corridor are well decorated. Darbar hall is the most decorated part of the Mahal. The windows and doors have been provided on all sides and are decorated with colorful glass, the floor is well designed, walls are decorated with classical statues, mirrors, the ceiling is also decorated magnificently and to magnify the beauty of the hall magnificent chandeliers have been installed at many places. The main entrance of the palace is accompanied by a 45-meter high clock tower. The entrance of the tower on the first floor takes you to the top point where you can have a birds-eye view of the city.

Aina Mahal is located adjacent to the Parag Mahal in the same campus. It was constructed by Lakhpatji, the ruler of the Kachchh in the middle of the 18 century. It is a lavishly decorated two story building. It has been converted into a museum. The master craftsman for the construction was Ramsinh Malam, a local craftsman, he spent many years in Europe learning different architectural skills those were later used in construction. It is a majestic building decorated with stone carvings and wood, every room and corridor has it’s own unique style. The audience hall, pleasure hall and mirror hall are located on the first floor, Aiana Chamber, Court Hall and Marriage Hall are located on the second floor. Some part of the building was damaged due to the earthquake. The ageing factor of the building can also be noticed.

Kutch Museum It is one of the oldest museum of the state, founded in 1877 by the inspiration of Khengarji III, the ruler of Kachhch. Earlier it was known as the Fergusson Museum. It is housed in a building constructed in the Italian Gothic style located next to the Hamirsar Lake. It has 11 sections displaying pictures, textiles, weapons, musical instruments, coins and currency, items of silver, paintings of various vocations, lifestyle of different tribes, etc. In addition to this it also displays Indus seals, kshatriya inscriptions of 1st century AD, 6 stones found in Andhra village in Khavada and Gujrathi Abhir inscription of 3rd century.

Hamirsar Lake It is located in the center of the city, spread over the area of 28 acres. It was constructed by Rao Khengarji I to fulfill the need of the city. It was named after the founder of the city, Rao Hamirin. It is connected with three rivers through a network of tunnel and canals. It has a beautiful garden located in the center of the lake provides magnificent pictures of the monument around it.

How to reach:-

By air:- The Bhuj domestic airport is the nearest one. But if you are travelling from Delhi or Mumbai, Ahemdabad is another economical option. It is connected to Bhuj through roads and railways.

By railways:- Bhuj is the station of Gujrath which is well connected to Ahemdabad and all the other parts of the country through Gandhi Dham Junction.

By road:- Bhuj is the well connected with all the major cities of the region, Ahemadabad is about 330 km away (about 6 Hrs drive). Bus service and taxi service are also available.

Places to visit in Bhuj:- Parag Mahal, Aiana Mahal, Kutch Musesum.

Palaces to visit outside or nearby:- Rann Utsav in dorado, White desert( about 80 Kms), Kalo Dungar ( about 90 Kms), Mandvi (60 Kms).

Minimum Duration of visit:- It will take about 2 days and 1night to explore the city and beauty of kachchh.