The port city of the Kachchh region, Mandvi offers beautiful beaches, palace, windmills, port and shipbuilding industry. Besides it also offers affluent resorts next to the beach. The town was founded by the Rao’s of kachchh in 1580 to ease the trade through the sea. With due course of time, it also became their summer retreat. Vijay Vilas palace outside the town used to be their residence in the region. River Rukmani flows to the Gulf of Kutch through the town. The town is also famous for shipbuilding. It was started about 500 years ago. The construction of wooden ships in various sizes and shapes can be seen here. The construction is carried out on the banks of the river Rukmavati. It is flowing next to the Pramukh swami road, the main road outside the town. While visiting the town, don’t forget to visit the spots documented here.

Mandvi Beach

There are many beaches around the town. It is the nearest and most popular beach in the region. It is located next to the town. The beach offers magnificent landscapes during sunrise and sunset. During the visit, one can enjoy a cup of tea, a couple of drinks, a long walking, camel ride, bike ride, fresh coconut water. Laying on the sand and enjoying the sea breeze for a while, will help you in tranquilize. The windmills installed next to it a unique feature. It is a well maintained and clean beach. It is much better than other commercialized beaches in the region. To increase tourism, Gujarat tourism has established a tent city next to the beach.

Vijay Vilas Palace

It is located at a distance of about 8 km from the town. It is a beautiful palace next to the beach, along with an estate spread over 450 acres. It embraces a magnificent palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens and marble fountains. It also houses a Chhatri of Rao Vijayraj ji, the founder of the palace and the ruler of Kachchh state. It also has a sanctuary and 2 Kms long private beach. It was the summer retreat of the royal family, constructed by Rao Vijayraj Ji in 1929. A part of the palace was converted into a museum. It exhibiting the glorious past and luxury lifestyle of the royal family. The beach was converted into a beach resort. The resort offers luxury swiss tents with all the modern facilities next to the beach.

The palace is a gigantic red sandstone structure. It was constructed in indo-gothic architecture, influenced by the Rajput style of architecture. It was constructed as the replica of the buildings of Datia and Orchha. The central dome is supported by the pillars, surrounded by Bengal domes around it. The windows and doors are decorated with coloured glass. The building is decorated with carved stone Jalis, jharokas, chhatris and chhajas. The four circular stairs placed on the edges of the building escort to the top. It is surrounded by the carved stone Jalis with a room in the center. The cold breeze flowing through it amplifies the ambiance of the surroundings. A narrow circular stair leads to the top of the room. It has a balcony on the zenith of the building, that offers the mesmerizing views of the surroundings.

Shyamji Krishna Verma memorial

The memorial was constructed in 2010 in honour of Shyamji Krishna Verma. He was born in Mandvi. He was a freedom fighter, lawyer, and journalist. It is dedicated to his contribution in the Indian freedom struggle. The memorial is a replica of India House, London, founded by him in 1905. It was an important meeting point of Indian nationalists studying in England. He also played a vital role in the foundation of Indian Home rule society. Besides this, he also published a journal named ‘The Indian Sociologist’ in London.

Travel Story

My journey to Mandvi starts from Bhuj. To explore the southern part of Kachchh in the best possible way, a road trip or bike ride is the best option. The roads of the region are wide open with less traffic. It is well connected to Bhuj through the Mandvi-Bhuj highway. It passes through hills, villages, resorts, and coconut farms. On the way, magnificent landscapes appear next to the road. The landscape changes after every kilometer. If you like bike riding, it is a perfect route for you. It is about 60 km away from Bhuj and will take about 1hr to reach the destination. After a ride of about 24 km from Bhuj road passes through village Dhinsara. It is the turning point, turn left towards Mandvi. The next village on the way is Talwana village, which is about 25 km from this village. It has a magnificent Jain temple named 72 Jinalaya Jain temple and is 10 km away from Mandvi. Once you enter the town Rukmavati bridge welcomes you in the town. The Mandvi beach is the tourist hub of the town. I went to the beach, it is a clean and beautiful beach after spending some time and enjoying the bike ride on the beach. I went to visit the royal palace next to the beach i.e. Vijay Vilas Palace. On the way back to Bhuj I went to explore Shyamji Krishna Verma memorial.

How to reach:-

By air:- The Bhuj domestic airport is the nearest one. If one is travelling from Delhi or Mumbai, Ahemdabad cheaper option. It is connected to Bhuj through roads and railways.

By railways:- Bhuj is an important railway station in Gujarat. It is well connected to other parts of the country through Gandhidham Junction.

By road:- Mandvi is well connected to all major cities of the region. The Bhuj is about 60 Kms (about 1Hr.) Mundra is about 50 Kms(about 1Hr.), Gandhidham is about 110 Kms (about 2 Hrs), Ahemadabad is about 380 km away (about 7- 7.5 Hrs). Bus service and taxi service are also available.

Places to visit in Mandvi:- Mandvi Beach, Vijay Vilas Palace, Shyamji Krishna Verma memorial.

Palaces to visit outside or nearby:- Parag Mahal, Aina Mahal, Kutch Museum in Bhuj (about 60 Kms) Rann Utsav in Dhordo, White desert (about 140 Kms), Kalo Dungar ( about 150 Kms).

Minimum Duration of visit:- It will take about 1 days to explore the city and beauty of Manvi. If you want to stay in a beach resort, then you can stay here for a night, else you can return back on the same day.